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Lecture 1

ECO333H1 Lecture 1: Course outline May-June 2017

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University of Toronto St. George
Peter Tomlinson

ECONOMICS 333 (Urban Economics): MayJune 2017 Syllabus Course Instructor: Peter Tomlinson PhD ([email protected] or [email protected]). Office Hours for Peter Tomlinson: Wednesdays 3:30 5:00 pm Innis College caf. There may be occasional rescheduling, in which case an announcement will be posted on the web site check for announcements if making a special trip. Term Test: (40 percent grade weight) will be held Thursday June 1, 6:10 8:10pm. Students who are ill on the day of the term test may be permitted to write a makeup test. In these cases, a U of T Medical Certificate will be required to document the illness. The certificate must be fully completed by an MD, with the doctors OHIP registration number indicated. The certificate must also indicate that the doctor examined the student on the day of the term test. Only original certificates (i.e. not photocopied or scanned) will be accepted. Medical certificates should be submitted at the makeup test. They should not be submitted to Economics Department staff or to me before then. Students missing both a term test and the makeup will receive a zero grade on that part of their term work. There is no right to a second makeup. Requests to undertake an alternative form of term work will not be considered. Likewise, requests to shift the termtest grade weight to the final exam will not be considered. Homework Assignment (10 percent grade weight). Due June 20, 6:15 pm. Any late submissions will be accepted with a 2mark penalty at the final exam during June exam week. Details of required work will be provided on Portal by June 3. Final Exam (50 grade weight). The final exam will be held during the June exam period, in accordance with Faculty regulations for final exams. Course Content A weekbyweek summary of material covered in class follows below. Required readings are from the textbook (Arthur OSullivans Urban Economics, 8 edition), and from course notes posted on Course Documents (Portal Site). Until June 6 we will explore selected urban models in depth. These models have points of departure in the text, but most of the analysis is outlined in the course notes. After June 8, we will survey major topics in urban economics, relying primarily on chapters in the text. May 16, 18: Simplified Land Market Models Land Used for Manufacturing 1 Readings: Arthur OSullivan Urban Economics pages 12830. Introductory Notes on Rectangular Land Market Model, posted on Course Documents.
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