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ENG254- Oct 11th- tracks

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Cheryl Suzack

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Oct 11 , 2012 ENG254Y- Tracks 1. Tracks and decolonization- how do you write into being a past for indigenous communities  Novel understood as a search for belonging of the mixed blood-mixed blood quest is always about the participation in the community and kinship roles. Early th 20 cen. The novel setting.  Through loss- there is a representation of ghosts.  Nanapush tells Lulu about her mother’s past and the sign of the dead- ghost( which they mark history and sign of kinship)  The past work by haunting us- metaphors of haunting signal the past as crucial  Pg.5- sense of loss the community takes up- it’s not just about defeat and loss, but the struggle to survive through this genocide  The novel not only about cultural survival but also about the loss of land connecting to identity and traditions.  Only the tracks of the presence signal the peoples demise  Ghosts and haunting also represents the positive present f renewal and continual presence of the past- connection of the past and signal continuity and cultural invisibility- they mark a capacity to return to the past and their presence is a reminder that the indigenous people are here but not here- they are present but do not have the rights they deserve.  Talks about deliberate cultural extinction- intermarriages take away the importance of reserving and holding their traditions and assimilate to the lifestyle of the other spouse.  The importance of kinship and family history.  Land is invested in time as a metaphor and recovering and rediscover tradition  How do we overcome the tribal disharmony in tracks- ghost stories renew social bonds.  The allotment process- occurred in late 1870s as a form of legislation- that the native land was not being used by them, thus the reservation boundaries that were set out through treaty relationships and arrangements- but they were not bonded- because there was no cultivation, the Gov. took the land.  They could only trade in wha
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