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ENG150Y1 Lecture Notes - Internal Monologue, Interpersonal Relationship, Enide

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William Robins

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January 7th 2013
Erec and Enide Lecture 1
Follows romantic structure discussed above
Author plays with aspects of closure
Original language is French
o Cultural geography
The roman empire and the Mediterranean AD 395
o Romans called it “our sea”
o Three empires: byzantine (greek speaking/ orthodox), arab, Christian (latin speaking)
o Islam spread
o Empires are in contact with eachother
o Seizes to be the main highway for trade (the sea)
The Christian area later became Europe
Shift of gravity
Mediterran sea no longer the centre, now the centre is the capital of EU, in Switzerland
Sea is no longer main landscape for literature, now replaced by the forest
o Includes riding horses to seek adventure
o Fight beasts, wizards, fairies
o More like the Ramayana where the land is untamed
The western European tradition is a mixture of the classical and the biblical
With the closing of the mediteran sea, the economy takes a nose dive because there is no mode of
transportation for trade
Feudalism is later the solution

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Not until the 12th century that you start to have a revival of the economy, trade routes develop, warrior classes
become fixed, land is controlled and there is surplus wealth
o Vernacular culture
Classes of feudalism: (three estates)
1. Clerics
a. Those who pray
2. Nobles
a. Those who fight
3. Peasants
a. Those who labour
Author of E&E is focused on the 2nd estate
By the 12th century, knights become a heredity class
Rules and etiquette is established (courtliness)
Courtliness means a knight can blend courtesy with proper behaviour of the court (decordum)
France, ca 1180 (GET MAP)
o Time of author of E&E
Champagne is the richest area in the 12th century
Where merchants would come all over the world
In troyes, there were fairs
One of the richest towns in early Europe
Courting providing patrons of literature
Chretien made a new vernacular form of literature
Chretien developed the genre of authurian romances; romances about king Arthur
He established two forms:
o The holy grail
o Lancelot and Guinevere
Adulteress relationship
= Atmosphere of magic with plot of romance in verse form
E&E is his first romance with this genre
Troubadours vs Minstrels:
Emergence of poets (troubadours)
Cusp of oral traditions into written, formative one
The organization of potentially disparate materials into an orderly sequence
The subordination of easily multipled episodes to a principle theme or pattern
“this lovely tale of adventure / beautiffuly put together”
“mout bele conjointure”
“a story professional / poets usually ruin”
“depecier et corrumper suelent”
Are in the habit of breaking into pieces and corrupting
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