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ENG150Y1 Lecture Notes - Aeneid, Synoptic Gospels

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David Roberts

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Gospel according to Mark (2012-11-26, The Bible; Lecture 5)
500 years ahead of the first texts read; closer to the period in which the Aeneid is written
The Roman Empire; a Greco-roman society.
A canon is formed for this religion. New writings have emerged, but were not considered canon
o New moves in Judaism, any new religious developments have to work within the original
Roman Rule
Two problems of ‘the chosen people’
Trials and domination
o Through trials that god‟s omnipotence is strengthened
exclusivity of the covenant
o the chosen people or the idea of it
The Messiah comes and challenges
Slide Christ
Derived from Christos (Greek) = “the anointed”
Translates messiah (Hebrew) = “the anointed”
The term Messiah is used in the Hebrew Bible to refer to kings and high priests.
It came to be used to designante a future King of Israel, specifically anointed by God, to rule over
a renewed Israel and usher in a period of universal peace, a “Kingdom of God,” when the whole
world will worship the God of Israel.
Other terms mentioned in the Gospel of Mark with Messianic impolications:
“Son of Man”, “Son of God”, “Holy one of the Lord”
A Messianic prophecy found among the dead sea scrolls;
“For the heavens and the earth will listen to his Messiah, and all that is in them will not turn
away from the holy precepts. Be encouraged, you who are seeking the Lord in his Service!”
Jesus ‘Cult’ Movement
Inverted Messiah. Would not have worldly powers, but would fulfill everything else.
After Jesus‟ death.
o What his life meant
Around 60 years after his death a story written by an unknown author (commonly known as
Mark) about the implortance of Jesus, the story of Jesus; the message or the good news.
o From his baptism as an adult to the moment of his burial
Important to the history of narrative
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