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ENG150Y1 Lecture Notes - Ninsun, Demigod, Intertextuality

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David Roberts

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Gospel of Mark (Lecture two)
Man who is a (G/g)od, (G/g)od who is a man
Not unique to Christianity. Ancient Pharos’s, Rhama, Augustus (Virgil), Roman emperors after death
and some during their lifetime.
Son’s of Gods
o Gilgamesh, son of Ninsun
o Aeneas, Son of Venus
o Achilles, Son of Thetis
o Tiberius, Son of Divine Augustus
o Jesus is different though.
Jesus as a demigod, man like god
The characters above are political leaders, warriors, polytheistic, top of the social hierarchy
Jesus ends up as a sacrifice, comes out of a monotheistic; especially in Mark; the son of THE God and
not many gods, starts as the lowest of the social hierarchy
Social Hierarchy
Starts at the bottom, redefinition of the term ‘King’, a much more humble character.
Created a connection with the enslaved nation. God’s connection is no longer with the
connections of the world; God becomes more transcendent because of this change.
Connection with Jews; we’re going to have a different idea of a Messiah
Connection with non-Jewish: they understand the logic and implications of this Messiah, they
know the terms of which a Messiah is but are accepting
Extirpations being frustrated
People coming to Jesus with concepts that they attempt to apply but can’t
o Feeling versus thought
Different directory in Mark
o There had to be a struggle with the Pharaoh to prove God’s omnipotence
o The story will end with death, humiliation.
Different narrative direction to which the story keeps pointing, i.e. the death of
o Different direction of social norms
Rejection that true, legitimate order is derived through violence
The Odyssey is solved through Violence
The Disciples are not sure as to what story they are in
Where power is, violence is, replaces the use of violence with its opposites
Instead of Revenge, Jesus preaches forgiveness
Instead of Violence, Jesus preaches for Love; Love thy God and thy
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