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Lecture # 8- Oct 13
2010- Genesis
Notion of the Natural World; its the pivotal point, provides the foundation centrality = Garden of
- The tree is the epicentre; the tree is a terrible(casts out mankind) and wonderful (creates
mankind) thing
The tree shows up in a range of creation stories why is it so symbolic? Is it singular or plural?=
Its always both, it emerges from a singular place but branches and leaves grow from it = very
powerful symbolic form; paradox of division in genders and a structural thinking of understanding
how mankind grows
Its an imaginative work; creates images through words
The Greeks named Genesis meaning birth or origin its the beginning of EVERYTHING 
Genesis discusses new beginnings over and over also discusses the difficulty of beginnings
the whole point is to define the beginning
THEMES: Unity and Division and Multiplication chap 1-4
Chapter 1 = creation, in order to create you divide e.g God dividing light into night and
darkdivide to make space and time to establish the day and year e.g verse 14 and 17verse
11 = create grass that has seed, creation that makes more of itself, multiplies; verse 22 and 28=
be fruitful and multiply
Chapter 2 = Garden of Eden Eden in the east land full of truth, crossed by 4 rivers, full of
knowledge and innocence verse 21 = Adams body is divided and Eve is created = the trouble
begins creation of mankind comes from matter and earth, man is primary and woman is
secondary because women comes OUT of man mirror account of creation = mankind is
mirroring god, in a reflection and copy of himself this chapter discusses the completion of
Chapter 3 things become dramatic exchange and deception causes the sign of the fall of
mankind serpents temptation to Eve to be God moment of enlightenment; they experience
shame when they realize they’re naked resolution = verse 23 and 24 = God casts Adam and
Eve out; drawing the line; Eden is a place where they will never go back; Eden is a place of
ignorance and knowledge about God
Chapter 4 Genealogy is another way of thinking about beginning about the individual 
SPLITTING ; sequence of dispersal e.g Babel and Noah splitting always focuses on the
SECOND of sons and the younger one is always in favor
Chapter 6 Noah and the Ark, the COVENANT
Chapter 9 be fruitful and multiply the earth” , Covenant is established = agreement,
contract b/w man and God to satisfy his requirements
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