ENG150Y1 Lecture Notes - Monolatrism, Aeneid, Who I Am (Abraham Mateo Album)

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Published on 19 Nov 2012
Exodus vs. Aeneid:
- plot-line b/w Exodus and Aeneid are very similar
- Difference: monotheism/polytheism
- Exodus is more religiously focused Exodus is about
- No other gods attributing an opposing force due to monotheism
- Aeneid perspective from household of power
oimplications: breach imperial part of Rome – those in power
- Exodus perspective from those who are out of power
oMoses and Isreal: not a king, not powerful birth parallels
Mesopotamian king Sargon
oNever becomes king—adopted into royalty, but never
oPharoah holds all cards—all power
oEven final perspective of Exodus is not of empire similar
to Aeneid in that story is about building a new future
oLogic of Exodus rejects imperial idea: annexation,
subjugation idea of resistance, survival, rejection to
oppression guarding Israel against Imperial breach
oAeneid struggle b/w deities, therefore troubles of Aeneid
and other humans can be attributed to divine squabble
oExodus this element isn’t directly existent struggle
with Pharoah represents resistance from another “deity”
Tutelary Deity: God of Israel
Universal Deity: God of Whole World
Monolatry: worship of One God
Song of the Sea – after crossing Red Sea “Who is like you... among
other gods?”
Ten Commandments (Mosaic Law):
- “I am the LORD your God, who brought you other slavery... You
shall have no other gods before me” implications of
- One God often portrayed as Tutelary:
oE.g. Moses’ commission – “If I come to Israel and I say to
them...what shall I say to them?” “I AM WHO I AM” scene
“The God of your ancestors” Tutelary
o“I AM WHO I AM” to symbolize oneness of God
- Universal Deism:
oGod calls Moses to Sinai
o“Thus you shall say to the house of Jacob...”
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