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Lecture 1 – 09/12/11
- Novel – modern form that begins to transform throughout the 20th century
- Bunyan – “the not novel” – The Pilgrim’s Progress
- Defoe – Robinson Crusoe – arguably the real 1st novel
- Coetzee – Foe
- Austen – Emma
- Sorrentino – Little Casino
- Melville – Moby-Dick
- Dickens – Great Expectations
- Acker – Great Expectations – obscene and offensive BUT is important
oHistory of women in post-modern world
oFeminist “punk” writer
- Joyce – Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
- O’Brien – At Swim-Two-Birds
- Woolf – Mrs. Dalloway
- Davis – The End of the Story
- As time passed in 18th century, novels increased by ten-fold; by 19th century, tens
of thousands of novels written; by 20th century, cultural and economic change
causes conventions of the novel to change
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