Main concepts for easy reference and study

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10 Jan 2011
ENG210 Sept 13
Character self
Plot time
Setting space
Three aspects that determine a novel
Old vs. modern
Robinson Crusoe Foe
Tristram Shandy Moby Dick
Emma Little Casino
Great Expectations Great Expectations
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man At Swim-Two-Birds
Mrs. Dalloway The End of the Story
Writing analysis the ability to understand the context and the language of a text,
not only its meaning
Novels are about individuals who stand only for themselves
Someone we could recognize as a person
Takes place in an ordinary world
Time occurs in a way we recognize
Real material world, governed by laws we recognize as well as laws of nature
In a social world interacting with other people
Romance is a narrative that has elements of the fantastic
The novel starts with Daniel Defoe and ends supposedly with Virginia Woolfe and
James Joyce
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