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Lecture notes for Nov 21

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Michael Boughn

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Satirical writing of novels that were supposedly writing to represent life of an individualIf you are thinking about representing a life you will never finish bookThe proposal that the novel represents a life is a delusionYou dont know what time is that you can progress systematically Artificiality of identity the fact that we make up identities for ourselves that have no basis in realityThe fact that you can travel become anything and anytime that somehow you are this thing is a complete lie a selfdelusionUnderstanding of identityIshmael is a character whose relationship to the question of identity is crucial to what goes on in the book it is created and not fixed he is someone who is constantly playing with the idea of identity without establishing an identityAhab wants to kill the Whale contain it Ishmael has another kind of hunt Ishmaels hunt is a hunt that has to do with curiousityHe collects informa
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