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17 Jan 2011
ENG210 Sept 27
Novels were attractive because they were about real people
The endless details are what make it real
The island is a sort of Eden
Everything is there for him
The island is no longer Eden when Crusoe discovers the presence of man on the
Natural state of war
Every mans hand turned against every other man
When the idea of divine right of kings is abandoned there are civil wars
A new world in which ordinary people have a right to demand proper representation
Crusoe goes through reexamination of the world
Goes from living in a tree to reinventing technology to establishing a kind of
feudalism and establishing a natural state, over the span of 28 years
Crusoe was a disestablishmentalist
Disestablishes religion
Contract between Spaniard and Crusoe
A social contract between two parties
Part of civilization
At some point people agree that a contract establishes a new economic system and
is vital
Colonialism provided the economic engine for he growth of modern Europe
Fueled the growth of a new class and industrialism stemmed from the need to
capitalize the New World
Colonialism justifies the difference between civilization and savagery
Savagery defined by cannibalism and incest
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