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Lecture 1
- Short stories – brief work of prose fiction, tending to be no longer than 10 000
- Aristotle “differs from a novel; magnitude”
- Edgar Allan Poe (19th century, American) – 1st theorist of short story
o“‘Prose tale’ is narrative read at one sitting from ½ hour ~ 2 hours, and it
is limited at which every detail __________”?
oPrescriptive that short story is limiting to a single _______...?
- Because of story shortness, people believed it was limited (character intro, space,
- “Single mood and single impression”
- “All elements are present!”
- “Deals with one scene and incident”
- Contemporary theorists (critics) emphasize what short stories can and can’t do.
- Genre isn’t limited to a character, scene, plot, etc…
oDetermined by author’s artistic goals and authority
oShort story can be anything that author writes it to be
- Frank Davy – “Development of Canadian short stories occurred outside…views
of critics in early years are irrelevant to Canadian short stories… Canadian short
story developed”
o“An examination of the Canadian short story refines a much more
pluralistic and eclectic view of the short story, and a more generous sense
of the prose language than that which accompanied the ________ of the
Anglo-American short story.”
- Considerations in Canadian short story (repeated themes):
- Landscape – significant; not just setting but character
oChanges with contemporary Canadian short story to an urban setting
- Human relationships – gender issues, relationships, partnerships (how they’re
written in Can. SS)
- Marginalization – displacement converge questions of ambiguity
- Memory – history (past in present narratives)
- Social, cultural, etc… – art’s potential and meaning form
oTechniques and devices
- POV, images, symbols, motifs, language, diction, tone, beginning/middle/ending,
setting, paragraphs, metaphor, style
- Canadian short story – young genre
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