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Sarah Caskey

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Lecture 3
- Short story – single-minded and not like a sonnet
oFewest strokes possible
- Short story seems effortless and fluid to write when reading; however, it is in flact
very difficult and challenging
- Close Reading Practices
oElaine Showalter
- Frederick Philip Grove – “Lazybone”:
- Literary realism – a way of writing
oDepiction of fictional characters and life in unrealistic ways (?)
oDeliberate use that doesn’t …(?)
- Founder of not just literary realism but prairie realism
- Canadians (male authors) have been sympathetic to women
- Story is about farming Grove focuses on human domestic field
- Elizabeth Hurst – frail yet strong
oBegins a paragraph
o“Hurst” is her maiden name - individuality
- Walt – “still sleeping husband”
- 1st paragraph introduces setting sparse land Elizabeth lives on and tries to
- Stereotype of women is to be beautiful; however, Grove implies Elizabeth to be
independent from values of women
- If Elizabeth isn’t a beauty, it implies that her “still sleeping husband” is like
“Sleeping Beauty”
- Grove writes a gender switch role
oHusband – Sleeping Beauty; wife – worker
- Compromise/business agreement – marriage proposal
- Walt and guest are objectifying women, talking about Elizabeth in front of her
and saying another woman is more beautiful than Elizabeth
oOr could just be a joke with reference of Walt pinching her cheek (playful)
- Elizabeth has strength but is limited
oTells Walter to work only when they’re alone (with guest, can’t say
- Elizabeth’s dream contrasts to reality
- “Shadowy actor” – unsettling and troubling of narrative conclusion
- Page 58 – Walter is more child-like not too sophisticated
- Elizabeth wants to go out and plow; however, she can’t simply just do that for
adult gender stereotypes reversal of gender roles
- Walt is more womanly gossiping with others while holding his child
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