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ENG220Y1 Lecture Notes - Barnabe Barnes, John Florio, Armada Portrait

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Elizabeth Harvey

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Rape of Lucrece
period of unrest
Plague closes theaters
romantic language
Henry Wriothesely (Earl of Southampton)
dedication laden with almost erotic language and tone
speculation of homosexual relationship
patronage: complex system of financial and social support, political protection, often
linked to literary coteries (circulation of literature), social prestige and preferment
3rd Earl of Southampton
William Shakespeare, Thomas Heywood, Thomas Nashe, Gervase Markham,
John Florio, Barnabe Barnes
Shakespeare’s sources for Lucrece
Livy, History of Rome
Ovid, Fasti
509BCE, Sextus Tarquinius, King of Rome, raped Lucretia, wife of Collatinus, one of
the aristocratic followers - she committed suicide - display of her corpse incited revolt
resulting in deposition and exile of Tarquins and founding of Roman Republic
Queen Elizabeth I: virginity crucial to relationship to country, married to kingdom
overcome pressures for marriage/heir
Armada portrait, hand over globe: country/Queen’s body untouchable by Spanish
power in virginity
her portrait in dialogue with her father’s (diagonal lines come to Henry’s
reproductive ability, country’s future lies in his generative abilities....) vs Elizabeth’s
intactness of virginity
Rome or Troy as sources
renaissance humanism
grammar, rhetoric, history, poetry, moral philosophy
recovery of classical texts
renaissance pedagogy
Shakespeare’s “small Latine and lesse Greeke)”
language of poem
meter and verse form
rime royal: 7-line stanaza of iambic pentameter to please the “wiser sort”
petrarchan language: idiom of desire
Blazon and identity
bringing back old to establish authority
UofT crest + Horace’s lines, Latin
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