ENG220 Rape of Lucrece 3

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Published on 26 Sep 2011
Wednesday, September 21, 2011
visibility and invisibility
Tarquin: what is not visible to the eye interests him
“save something too much wonder of his eye, which, having all, all could not
satisfy” 92-112
repetition of word “all”
rhetorical figure and effect: epizeuxis, repetition of two words with no other in
all, which cannot satisfy
repetition of word, opposite meaning
projects what seen in structure of poem itself
perlexis: jump ahead to place not yet arrived; foreshadowing
rhetorical representation of idea of lust
Lucrece doesn’t see evil hidden in Tarquin, unable to understand meaning from
“parling looks” <- looks that speak
Collatine published Lucrece’s stories, Tarquin publish stories of Collatine’s fame
references to theme of chivalry, patriarchy, coats of arm, lineage, legitimacy
extended description of happening
journey into Tarquin’s mind
inhabit thoughts and minds of Lucrece and Tarquin
unresolved psychomachia
ongoing desires
feminine rhyme: final unstressed syllable rhymes
“revolving, obtaining, resolving, abstaining, gaining”
present participle: durative action
emotional and soft, consumed with desire, passive, not decisive -> feminine
belief that men spending too much time with lust become feminine, weak, enslaved by
Tarquin becomes a figuration of weakness and femininity
Tarquin worries about dangers of his lust
pure thoughts dead and still, lust and murder wake to stain and kill
world gain kind of animosity (life)
vagina & sheath (sheath his sword -> imagining rape)
address to torch (Fair torch, burn out they light, and lend it not...)
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