ENG220 Titus Andronicus

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Published on 5 Oct 2011
Wednesday, October 5, 2011
Titus Andronicus
Aaron vs Titus in paternal love
Titus belatedly comes to realize love for children
race and ethnicity
outcast, misshaped, dominated by “Saturn” (dark, depressed, melancholy)
early modern blackness
evil, vice, tempter
migration and slave trade
geographic navigating and exploring of globe
story of other people’s appearances and habits
fear and anxiety
desire to expel different
Tamora and Aaron’s relationships
Tamora’s lies to sons despite revenge on behalf on son
wandering prince and Dido
Lavina and Tamora’s conversation
bear woman’s face... tiger’s young ones teach dam...
no form of communication for Lavina
Quintus: what subtle hole is this, whose mouth is covered with...
bloody hole
sense of fear
womb and tomb
high rate of infant mortality
Aaron as stage master
Philomel and Progne as intertext, Metamorpheses
Philomel’s tongue cut off, weave tapestry to tell crime
story known so well that extra measure taken
understanding of audience’s knowledge, make known Shakespeare is better
than Ovid
Marcus, “fair Philomela... craftier Tereus.. fingers could have better sewed
better than Philomel”....
“monster seen those lily hands treemble... kiss... touched... heard heavenly harmony...
sweet tongue... make thy father blind for such sight will blind fathers eyes
all sensory language
noting how Lavina’s lips red but all blood, although lose blood still blush from shame
dark humor, hyperbole, manipulation of emotion
Lavina point to Metamorphoses
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