Titus Andronicus

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Published on 12 Oct 2011
patriarchy shouldn’t be the reason for being emperor
surnamed Pius: attributes associated with Titus
pius; not just religious, but someone devoted to duty, so much that becomes an
obsession and is out of control. sense of duty becomes monstrous
Goths: germanic tribe, besieged Rome
were at the end of Rome’s glory, cracks in society
king priam, ref to the trojan legend. T compared himself to T. T has 25 sons. careless
abandon with which T sacrifices these sons to the glory of Rome, as if they’re brought
as sacrifices to this great empire. as if there’s no reason between the living and the
dead. un-paternal. eagerness to sacrifice hi flesh and bone. unkind, not just nice,
impolite, ungentle, but working against his nature. kind=nature in S. England. work in
contradistinction to the affection one might feel to one’s offspring
“ad manes fratrum” arms, hands, representing brotherhood, like brothers in arms
contrast between one who’s given over all his sense and affection to his country,
leaving none to his family. contradiction between personal and public
Rome represents the body. chopping off of hands, not just Rome is falling apart. over
and over severing of one part of the body from another, fragmentation’s like a physical
sign of the kind of chaos that affects Rome
barbary: noise confusion of language. attribution by one culture of another as not only
being different but barbarously so
any society proclaims itself to be civilized not only through rituals, like ways of eating,
designate those who don’t conform to the rituals as other/barbarous
what does it mean to be civilized? what values/rituals do we hold sacred
what does it mean to sacrifice a child, take revenge in such a way that you kill someone
else, rape, plunder? are they civilized? does war justify these actions?
back in Rome, confronting their nature, the nature of barbarity, the nature of civilization
the “black” is the figure of evil, yet he’s the one that truly cares about his son. seems to
be the embodiment of love for his son
And help to set a head on headless Rome”
capitol, comes from word head, derivative of capit = head. the body of rome has a head
and that’s the capitol
T kills his own son, unlike Tamora
Saturnine just chooses Tamora instead. everything’s ready for the wedding, so may as
will the latest dead son be allowed to be put in the tomb? TA says sure, but he’s not
happy about it.
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