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Titus Andronicus

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Elizabeth Harvey

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even though AAron is the figure of evil, he is also one of the two people in the play most
powerfully invested with parental attachment to child, love for offspring. titus comes to it
through loss
web of metaphors about the sun.
geohumoralism, body containing for humors, extended through geography, early
embryonic discourse about race and ethnicity. societies that live in the north of the globe
have different physiology than people from hot climates
idea of the sun will become important
idea of slavery instantly transferred into something erotic
saturn governs melancholy. produced by too much black bile. some have a propensity
towards it, imbalance of the humors
early modern blackness, evil, vice, tempter form medieval morality plays
what people see is shaped by what they expect to see. there was not only a real sense
of commercial and geographical exchange with Africa, but also a mythological. English
were busy creating mythology about what ti was like
beginning of slave trade, people from other cultures in England, but as princely reps, or
as we begin to move into the hint, several diff descriptions of landscape
even though it’s summer the trees are mossy, kind of grim
placing a body in a hole all bring these images together, as the brothers put B in the pit,
are doing the bidding of Aaron, as if he’s a stage master. a play within a play
blood swallowing hole in the ground, simultaneously origin of life and death. women
anatomy. when one’s giving birth to a life, one’s also given birth to mortality
cut off arms, can’t be like Philomel, are well read, make allusions to classics.
“unspeakable” act.
O, had the monster seen... father’s eye
purely talkign about the senses
over and over the figure of L is acting the part with her body, the spectacle of her body,
like Lucrece’s evokes powerful sympathy and feeling
scene’s almost comical, like an over the top slasher movie
4.1 uses Ovid’s Metamorphoses to explain what happened to her, then with a stick in
her mouth writes name of the rapists
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