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ENG220 As You Like it

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Elizabeth Harvey

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011
As You Like it
entered in Stationers’ Register but no text appear
record book maintained by Stationers’ Company of London to regulate publishing,
operate as early kind of copyright by rec authorship and allowing company to seize illicit
copies of a work, work in tandem with gov licensers
quarto: book produced by folding sheet into 4 leaves, produces 8 leaves (recto and
folio: single and complete page/lead of book, recto and verso
prompt books, add emotional dimension, link btwn theatrical and print version of play,
notes by writer/director
Aristotle’s Poetics (335BCE)
imitation of characters of lower type
comedians may have wandered from village to village, having been excluded from
Maypole Thanksgiving, celebration and return of season
Shakespearean Comedy revolve around love and marriage
nature and its rhythms central
festive and social ritual
pastoral or Green World
Thomas Lodge’s prose romance Rosalynde
Tale of Gamelyn, Middle English narrative assoc with Robin Hood stories
aligned generally structurally with romance and pastoral
romance and quest for identity
1.1 Orlando
language; prose rather than verse
themes and ideas
male Cinderella
1.3 Orlando and Oliver
villain: originally low-born base-minded rustic, ignoble ideas, later unprincipled,
criminal, repetition of word
Oliver call Orlando villain, Orlando: I am no villain.....
original -> later meanings layered history of use
primogeniture: eldest son inheriting title and money
Orlando: father’s spirit and testament
lexical webs: repetition of word
upward/downward mobility within theatrical company
class structures within social hierarchy
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