ENG220Y1 Lecture Notes - Alien Language, Mistress Quickly

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Published on 28 Nov 2011
Henry IV
reigned 1399-1413
Henry of Bolinbroke son of John of Gaunt
Lancaster branch of the House of Plantagenet
historical play
universal human values
show England in the making
Macbeth and problem of succession
Henry IV did not inherit throne but seized it from Richard II (later murdered him)
throne resting on murder
1.1 King Henry
intestine shock
so shaken as we are, so with care...
1.1, 1.3 Westmoreland
political gossip allusion
My liege...
This matched with other did, my gracious lord...
race and color of skin
supposed event categorizing Welsh as line with “different” practices, strange and
barbaric customs and alien language
King Henry
son of honourable tongue
substitute, surrogate father, various pairings
mirroring, crossing
honour: high respect
what would one be willing to sacrifice for it
Prince Henry, Falstaff 1.2
versions both contrasted
Falstaff appetite
Mistress Quickly providing not only food, but also sexual favours
1.2 Prince Henry and Falstaff
real money, sexuality
hangman of thieves, hangman outcasts of society, gatekeeper between life and
death, associated superstition
1.2 Poins and Prince Henry
But, my lads, my lads... onward
pun on sign of kingship -> allusion to King taking kingship from someone else
subplot and plot join together
“hilarious” joke, event
Monday, November 28, 2011
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