ENG220Y1 Lecture Notes - Mistress Quickly, 3 Women, Carnivalesque

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1 Dec 2011
Henry IV
“The dead bodies of the Englishmen, being above a thousand lieng upon the ground
imbrued in their own blood... did the women of Wales cut off their privities, and put one
part thereof into the mouths of eveire dead man, in such sort that the cullions hoong
down to their chins; and not so contented, they did cut off their noses and thrust them
into their tailes as they lay on the ground mangled and defaced.”
Abraham’s Fleming’s account in Holinshed’s Chronicles
render body grotesque, body as stand for society
Falstaff, sexual appetite, grotesque
carnival, particular kind of theatrical ritual, characters play characters they’re not;
inversion of hierarchy (servants play kings and vice versa)
territorialization and castration of body
female body; mouth and genitalia thought to be analagous
ideological silencing of women, women need to be silent, chaste and obedient
only 3 women in the play
Mistress Quickly
Hotspur to Earl of Worchestor “Oh pardon me that I descend so low... did gage them
both in unjust behalf... that sweet lovely rose and plant this thorn...”
lawfulness of reign undermined
Prince Henry + Falstaff 2.2
plot for robbing, “crown”
Peto, Poins... Falstaff runs away
2.5 Tavern, Falstaff falsely bragging and Harry reveals it
undermining nature of truth, oath and identity
copiousness, repetition dilating body and play
Falstaff immediately nimble and dexterous in running away and in rhetoric, inventing
new story to fit new facts
Falstaff “this cushion my throne, this... my crown” juxtaposition to King Henry
invocation for audience to imagine that props actually majestic
father and son
creating worlds through appetite, carnivalesque, change things, engender plots, dilate
narratives... figure of life, mirrored with Shakespeare
banishment of Falstaff banishes good times and merriness and creative engine
counterfeit: imitation, forged...
nature of kingship, lineal succession disrupted
Wednesday, November 30, 2011
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