ENG220 Cymbeline

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20 Mar 2012

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Cymbeline 3/19/2012 11:19:00 AM
Posthumus: O lady, weep no more, lest I give cause to be
suspected of more tenderness than doth become a man
Innomgen: why tender’st thou that paper to me with a look
Polyptoton: adjective tender derives from Latin tener, delicate, and
verb to tender comes from tendere, meaning to stretch
Becoming tender, feminine
Tender of execution, legal dimensions, death warrant, national
story informing simile… Britain’s role as colony of Roman Empire
and refusal to pay tribute -> starts war… independence, political
relationship suggesting disquality of legality
Classical intertexts
Innogen…. Sinon (Greek pretending to accept Trojan horse…)
Rape of Lucrece…
Why, I must die…
Moments of liminal spaces… in between living and dying, sleeping
and waking
Innogen and Pisanio: no longer can go back to court because
Cloten’s love suit as fearful as siege…
Where then hath Britain all the sun that shines…
Transvetism, putting on male clothes… injunction to change mind to
move from obedience into command… into waggish courage,
Queen: She’s a lady so tender of rebukes that words are strokes and
strokes death to her (to Cymbeline)
Cloten: Meet theee at Mlford….. my revenge… (unintelligent)
Thou will be a voluntary mute to my design (to Pisanio) would I had
wings to follow
Clothing defines and doesn’t define character
3rd act in Shakespeare usually the point where things turn and mutate
Chameleon as living in air, capacity to change shape, like Prodius (shape
shifting god)…. Shifting of suits and shifting of shape, mutation, exchange
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