ENG220 Tempest

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28 Mar 2012

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Tempest 2 3/28/2012 11:23:00 AM
Prospero”: well demanded, wench
Relationship to environment, emotion
Boundaries of subjectivity between Ariel and Prospero
Pregnant = women not executed… so baby no tainted by mother’s sin;
hag tried to slave Ariel but trap, deliver baby and dies
Suggests tree is like body, story is about life, transforms Prospero as
midwife, delivers Ariel out of tree and puts him in service for a year
Interweaving stories of origin and justification, characters bound to one
Pinch, pity, pine, pitch, cognate, pain
Caliban and language, eloquence and elaborate
His description of island most beautiful in play
Align with Prospero, language used to enchant
Prospero: Thou poisonous slave… Caliban: The rest of the island…
Power to create action out of language
Imperial and aboriginal relationship… teach language and religion -> take
land, put in confined places
Impregnation… birth and ingestation
Story of mysegination, mixing of races
Miranda, Prospero, Ferdinand
Prospero saying my spirit, spirit, addressing Ariel… crossover and
interlacing of subjectivity between Propsero and Ariel
Sebastian, Gonzalo, Antonio..
Exploration, travel, founding empire on island
Discourse of Claribel, coming together of dynastic marriage with
Founding of dynasty through arriving and marriage
Law, legality, governmental structures
Fortunio Liceti, De monstrorum natura
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