ENG220Y1 Lecture Notes - Government Simulation Game, Metatheatre, Flesh Fly

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4 Apr 2012
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Caliban and irony of freedom vs slavery
2.1 opening
Antonio and Sebastian… swords drawn to overthrow Alonso
Sebastian excuses
3.2 Caliban… begns to tell Stephano and Trinculo about tyrant who
chased him out of island, second plot
Hindu mythology… if body missing during sleep, soul wanders forever lost
“Why, as I told thee… I cried to dream again”
crossing back and forth of border between dreaming, sleeping and waking
repetition in passage itself lexical weaving, web of imagination of
consciousness, one becomes the other, fluid alternation of states
lyricism of Caliban’s language
close to Prospero himself, as masters of language
Caliban’s language describes island and bringing it vivdly to mind through
beauty and specificity of language (although he claims he learned
language only to curse), Prospero rules and masters island by magic and
3.3 Alonso, Gonzalo, Sebastian
Prospero’s magic invoked to produce shows of imagination
Masque, theatrical entertainment
4.1 Prospero: Then, as my gift… As Hymen’s lamps shall light you
marriage contract between Miranda and Ferdinand forged, Prospero
happy but wants to contain it… clear with Ferdinand, kind of gift, but if
break virgin-knot, no sweet aspersion to make this contract grow but
begins to sound like Caliban, growing capacity to curse, just holding
his capacity in check
4.1 Prospero, Iris, Ceres… pastoral in confines of art, words simply
residue… nature imaged vs art allowing presentation giving it shape and
form… just like larger play is dialectic between fertility and barreness of
island, power of Prospero to master and work nature… nature-art-pastoral
dialectic, ecology, human and ambient world relationship
4.1 You do look, my son… to still my heating mind
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dreams… retirement speeches of Prospero, being old, losing energy…
Subtext: Aeneid
Mermaids of the air, beautiful vs awful and violent -> latter one in the
Foul the banquet table
Hybrid, winged creatures of air but human features
What is human, what is animal, what is spirit
Dante’s Inferno
You fools! …. And a clear life ensuing
Minister of faith
Table carried away
Prospero” Bravely the figure of this harpy has thou… Gonzalo: May now
Vitalism, nature own presence and consciousness
3.1 Ferdinand and Miranda
There be some sports… mistresses I serve,… make my labours
Discourse of slavery and eroticism…. Slave because love you, kiss foot
and serve…
2.3 Admired Miranda! …of every creature’s best
Ferdinand assumes position of servitude willingly, glad, when speaking to
Miranda recalls former flames (“I’ve never felt this way before, I’ve never
seen anyone as…”)
Ferdinand: I am in your condition… a prince…. A king… my heart fly to
your service… to make me slave to it
I wouldn’t do it for anyone else… worst example is to have flesh fly lay
eggs and breed… -> winged creature, flies coming out of mouth like
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