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The Rape of Lucrece

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Elizabeth Harvey

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Helen’s not a rape in sexual violation, but archaic definition: the taking of something,
theft, stealing, seizing. she was seduced.
L directly addresses H. draws contrast between herself and H.
H ended up being unfaithful. ravished in both archaic and more modern sense of sexual
(1366-86) eyes! brought into direct contact with eyes that are looking through the
burning building. eyes link us through the sense of the visual to the empathetic,
emotional sympathy
physiognomy (physis=nature) + (gnomon=interpreter) - reading character through facial
expressions in R. people believed inner nature tamed on features of face and body,
indicated your character
animal counterparts, share their characteristics
O = visual echo of the eyes, hear in the o, sound both alphabetical and nonverbal -
sometimes faces don’t express what’s inside, like T
Ulysses - crafty, sly, can negotiate
Nestor - exemplum of wisdom, as if encouraging the Greeks to fight
passages that describe the art of the painter. stanza: crowd scene (Hieronymous
Bosch’s Christ carrying the Cross) shows the distortion a crowd causes, partialized
faces, expression of crowd rage. deceitful conceit at work, art form so sophisticated, can
construct from our imagination the whole, process of readership, our own imaginary
processes used, we’re pulled into the painting. we participate emotionally
Hecuba: queen of Troy, 19 kids (Paris, Hector, Cassandra, Polydoros) described by
Homer, Virgil, Euripides, Ovid, Dante, stands for personification of grief. as each of her
kids is killed, feels more sense of mourning, grief. polydoros was left, then he was killed
too, met murdered, then tore his eyes out. in Ovid’s version, he was changed into a dog,
howling and weeping, inconsolable grief.
physiology of the passions (emotions): deeply physiological. made from the body and
intricately interwoven with its organs and system. can’t be profoundly emotional without
alteration in body. also contagious.
L through bond to H helping to feed her own passion and grief. intertext of Philomel.
how you can or cannot speak.
strumpet that began this stir = H
T’s lust will be the demise of his empire
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