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ENG220 - Merchant of Venice

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Elizabeth Harvey

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Merchant of Venice 3/5/2012 12:13:00 PM
Bond: bound, uniting or restraining force, force uniting or cementing,
agreement or engagement binding on him who makes him
Movement away from material act to kind of social
Legal and technical senses… deed, binding to pay certain money…
Pertaining to slaves, one in bondange to superior
Social glue
Legal relationships esp. Antonio’s bond with Shylock, also how
Portia is bound by will of her father
Defines bonds of erotic and conjugal relationship: Bassanio-Portia,
Graziano-Nerrissa, Lorenzo-Jessica
Master-servant relationship: Lancelot-Shylock, Launcelot-Bassanio
Defines obligations of friendship: Antonio-Bassanio
Defines obligations of government to citizenship through apparatus
of the law
Variety of social laws in Venice
Bonds of analogy
Shadow bonds
Both merchants, venture capitalists, bound together legally
Shylock right to Antonio’s flesh around his heart
Legal and financial
heir of body, link of flesh… Shylock to Jessica: flesh and blood
husband and wife, marriage, one flesh, share body
Language of the Heart
4.1 Portia: nearest the merchant’s heart (court)
3.2 Bassanio choosing casket.. tlel me whre is fancy bred, or in the heart,
or in the head
3.1 Antonio: I’ll pay it presently with all my heart
5.1 Graziano: I could not for my heart deny it him (passion)
Christian and Jewish… breaking down distinctions, mercy
Shylock’s soliloquy
He hath disgraced me… I am a Jew, hath not a Jew eyes?
Power of imagination transcending circumstances
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