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ENG220 Cymbeline

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Elizabeth Harvey

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Cymbeline 3/21/2012 11:28:00 AM
Sounds, discourse, noises… bodies making sounds
Descartes : Cognition and language separated from body
Shakespeare: together
Other register of sounds
Poetry: words, grammar, syntax but also different hearing, rhythm
Cloten: Thou injurious thief…. Belarius: I cannot tell…. Twas very Cloten
Guiderius: This Cloten was a fool…. That’s all I reck
Sending down river
Orpheus, Eurydice, Bacchantes/Maenads
Eurydice dead, Orpheus go down to underworld via cave with lyre,
charm way through river of death, Pluto and Persephone, condition
that they must not look back… lose her when accidentally look back
Bacchantes/Maenads, singing head…
Sound and language
Aviragus: The bird is dead… with fairest flowers…
Innogen and bird, air, fairy, angel… creatures of air with wings
Ophelia… pastoral elegy, catalogue of flowers
Fleeting moment of beauty, fragrance, life
Imogen… seeing Cloten’s body like Posthumus… These flowers are like the
pleasures o the world… O my lord!
Body as inhabited by spirits, move around body, rise as fumes, over
brain, movement and thought
Waking in cave… brain overcome and confused with rising of spirits and
Confusion of rationality as she tries to put it together
Weather and living creatures… living in open air have needs with quicker
impression from air… freest and clearest air -> birds, tell tales, motion of
their flights express
Augury: bird+speech connected with… practice of divining from the flight
of birds, divination… future from birds
Prophecy of play
When as a lion’s whep shall…. Be embraced by tender air… Postumus end
his miseries, Britain be fortunate and flourish… 5.5.232-7
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Last night the very gods showed me a vision… success to the Roman host
Jove and eagle representations… with eagle or turning into eagle (with
Scientific description of human body and how it houses spirit… spirits
affected by other elements
Characters of the Passions… fluid bodies (spirits) that disperse and steal
away… organs of soul, be with soul, subtle and loose bodies, affinity with
air… deliver from prison and leave mixture of impure things, unite selves
to their like
Air everywhere, within and without body… spirit = air imprisoned in body
5.1 Posthumus and prison
just as Innogen lies in cave, liminal space, Posthumus suspended
between worlds…
believing that he is going to die, threshold between living and dead
veil between living and dead porous and permeable, spirits from world of
dead brought back… family ghost apparitions
as he sleeps, kind of masque, theatrical performance… solemn music,
minimum of words and maximum theatrical effects and displays, father
and mother appear (kind of like Hamlet, father in warrior attire)
Jupiter… how dare you ghosts accuse the thunderer…
As if a dream, reversal of active generation, as if sleep and power of
imagination creates vision+ analogous to theatre that can conjure spirits
and make invisible visible, but now gone
Madman, brain, tongue, both or nothing, nonsense, makes no sense…
Suspended interlude
Fumes of alcohol jailers, overwhelming brain
He that sleeps… death = no more feelings
5.5 Cymbeline (like Lear) finally realizing his faults and Queen’s faults,
realizing Innogen’s virtue
cross between confessional and court, report and confession in person of
wrongs of play
for the Roman egale… which shines here in the west 5.6.470-6
Innogen hanging around him as if hanging
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