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ENG220 Tempest

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Elizabeth Harvey

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Tempest 3/26/2012 11:16:00 AM
First recorded perf: Halloween 1611 (All Saints/Souls Day, day after
Text based on the only authoritative texts in First Folio 1623
Door between spirit world and material world opens, transfer between
One of 14 plays performed to celebrate betrothal and marriage of
Elizabeth, daughter of James I, to Frederick, elector palatine
Masque; music, dance, precursor form to opera, multimedia capacity
Play like masque
No direct source for main plot
Influences and intertexts
Silvester Jourdan, A discovery of the Bermudas (1610)
William Strachey, A true repertory of the wracke (1610)
Account of 9 English ships that were found for Jamestown Colony in
Virginia were scattered by a storm, and one (Sea Venture) was
wrecked on one of the Bermudas… crew lived there for 9-10
months, survived an attempted mutiny and finally built 2 boats to
reach Virginia
Montaigne, Of Cannibals
First contact; savage/barbarian, cannibal/caliban, early colonial
Curiosities about world, technologies to allow transit and
exploration, navigation
Native vs pure as descriptors
Tempest magical island, everyone see differently
Ideal world… but sailors still rowing
James IV of Scotland
Historie and Chronicles of Scotland 1498
Desirous to know hat was the primitive of original language
Origin of language and language of origins
Figure of the Magus
Dr John Dee, mathematician, astrologer, navigator, cartographer…
pythagroean/platonic/hermetic knowledge
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