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Andrew Lesk

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Lecture 1
- Time and space needed to understand the comic
- Comics – hybrid of pictures with sometimes words; considered low-art; mixes
words and paintings/drawings (grand art does not mix with books/novels/etc.); not
a focused activity; text and image – interpretations
- Pablo Picasso’s “Don Quixote” – worth about $30 000 000
oWhy so expensive? Important? (original)
Because Picasso is a high-art (like opera, ballet, etc…)
- “Linus” from Charlie Brown (Peanuts) – pricey (about $300 000)
oWhy is it worth less than “Don Quixote”? (“Linus” illustrator/author is
Because it is low-art
Mass-produced (?)
- Iconographic – pictorial illustration of a subject
oIcons – less to talk about compared to an actual face with features and
Ex. Likely, a human face (short summary; symbolic) — an
actual face (lengthy, descriptions)
- Gutter – space between every comic panel (or just a division/dividing line)
oPlace that allows the telling of a story
oCan contain a lot more information than what we can read/see
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