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Lecture 3
- Frank Miller:
- Began with “The Twilight Zone” and “Weird War”
- Moved to Marvel “Daredevil”
oNinja (Daredevil + Batman)
- Influence from manga (“Love Wolf and Cub”)
- “Wolverine” (begins to lose interest in superheroes because human context
- “Ronin” interest in manga; resurrected manga
oradicalized with colours
- Batman:
- Began in 1939 in Detective Comics he actually killed people
- Receives a solo title in 1940 Robin appears
- Spring 1941 in World’s Best (later Finest) Comics
oSuperman, Batman , Robin Collaboration
- Appearance of Batman’s true identity (Detective Comics issue) death of
Bruce’s parents
- Joker and Catwoman – main villains
- Batman portrayed as a citizen; breaks away from dark backgrounds and turns
more colourful and lively
- The show helped sales of comics
- January 1970 – back to its grimness
- CMYK tries to move away from such colours and moves to “subtractive”
colours (for more variety in colours)
- Dark Night:
- Set place in 1980s
- Page 10, first panel vs. traditional Batman
oTraditional is iconographic
oBoth hides the top part of his face
- Page 11, bottom row Lola dampens situations; she speaks lightly of things
oMakes allusions of Superman but can’t name him because of security
- Media saturation is one of Miller’s concerns
- Graphic matching – different panels with parallels
- Page 15, “panel 12” (Harvey Dent) vs. page 17, panel 12 (Bruce Wayne)
oFaces are split in half
Is Miller implying similarities between the two?
oPage 55, panel 12
Batman sees Harvey as his reflection
Batman is resolution to Bruce Wayne’s identity problem
Panels 6,7,8 = 10,11,12
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