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Lecture 4
- Detective Comics #33 vs. TDKR pg. 26, panel 26
oWhy a bat?
Resolution to be a bat (again)
oTDKR – bat shattering old comics’ grid
- Page 41
oRebirth of Batman causes the Joker to resurface again (after going through
Invention of Batman means the invention of Joker; invention of
Batman means invention of Harvy Davis
- Page 54 – sense of lovers between Harvy and Batman like Joker and Batman
(page 41 – “darling”)
- Page 55 – split between Bruce and Batman is for Batman to return
- Page 102 – Batman vigilantes; media
oCacophony of difference voices
Batman’s thoughts are given less and less throughout bookg
- Page 114 vs. page 118
oJuxtaposed across page
oBatman (darker costume)
- US President Regan, pg. 119
oCorte Maltese people – Cuba or Nicaragua
- Page 167
oBlack background
- Page 187
oBatman’s 4th enemy = Society
- 190 – Batman vs. Superman
- 25 – narration usually above panel but on page 25, it’s below
oNarration makes it feel like it refers to both panels (above and below
- Ubermensch: an ideal superior… (on Blackboard!!)
o“Over man”…
- Batman vs. Superman
oBoth superman… then who’s fighting?
- Batman as more as a man
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