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Lecture 5
- Batman realizes he becomes a kind-of superman; however, that title is already
taken by Superman
oJust a superman in some way with extraordinary power/ability
- Nietzche: “God is dead”
Moral value
oMan should rely on one’s own values rather than God-given values
Who gives values? Ubermensch – superheroes; Superman,
Wonderwoman, etc…
- Ubermensch values:
oSelfless, justice, altruism (willing to work for the greater good) –
obligation, “moral” code (easily discernible)
- Miller wants us to discern whether or not Superman feigns his own death and
becomes mythicized
- Ubermensch are those we give our attributes to perform heroic deeds
- Who decides what is JUST?
oLegislature decides through us (we vote for those in legislature)
- Watchmen 1.9.7 – “who watches the Watchmen” not entirely shown in entirety
of book
oJustice, Morality, Politics
oLack of transparency of government
Who can watch Watchmen when the group of authority who needs
to watch them is morally corrupt?
- Ronald Regan – big watchman
- Regan pg. 119 – politics vs. moralism
oIf he’s political leader, he should be just yet he’s not interested
- Regan: Law and Order for Regan is based on politics
oNo qualities of Justice and Morality
oOnly Justice and Morality for themselves
- What does a traditional Superman do?
Stops crime, saves people, Truth, Justice, and the American way
Altruistic and has various reasons to be so
- Superheroes are either aliens or alienated in some way
oNeeds a sense of belonging
When saving people, etc., they feel truly alive and feel good for
doing these things, and feel like they belong
oSuperhero fulfills his own destiny
No sense of self and society
- Is altruism and selflessness a guise when he’s just trying to fulfill his “self”
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