ENG235 LEC08

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11 Oct 2011

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Lecture 8
- Jimmy’s relationship to his father, Jim’s relationship to his father, James’
relationship to his father
- Architecture of narration
- Central theme of book is directly related to the Exposition (last page of book) –
theme of loneliness and modernity
oChicago World’s Fair
oJames gets abandoned at the CWF and feels lonely
Repeated in the novel (Jimmy, Jim, and James’ abandonment…
who knows… maybe William was also abandoned?)
oCWF no longer exists during Jimmy’s time
Abandonment not permanent(?)
- 2D Jimmy = 3D Jimmy; 2D Zoetrope = 3D Zoetrope
oSpace and time coming together
- Ware wants us to always imagine these images in 2D or 3D
oExploring possibilities of how we visualize things
oEx: analogy – when reading a book, we start to imagine how characters’
voices may sound, how they may appear, etc…
oJimmy the doll occupies space – the novel itself has to do with time; the
passing of time
o3D models – possibility of altering or halting the narrative flow
- Comics to TV
oBatman comics and TV Batman
- What happens when you stop reading? – changing the paper zoetrope into the 3D
oStop the novel – stepping out of time
- Sequence – narration of sequence
oChronological – temporal sequence that makes sense to us: ex. XYZ
Narrative line
Makes sense to go in order; easier
Mostly found in children’s books
oSequence out of order – Jimmy Corrigan: MCBZXTR
A movie this sort of sequence is found in is “Memento”
oComics offers a narrative mode that disrupts its time sequence but it does
it on the page right in front of you
- Page 43-44– right after Jimmy meets his father and kills him; the maps
oWe want to read it in a chronological sequence (left to right); however,
you can’t
oNarrative lines that guide you around the page to show you where things
are going
oWilliam and Jimmy Corrigan are related by blood but also in ways that are
unknown to them
Paternity and time
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