Moonheart Lecture

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11 Jan 2011
Lecture # 4 Oct 6 th
- Worlds Alongside Our Own
Moonheart = one of the most influential contemporary urban fantasy novels; he moved to a
much grittier fantasy that reaches out to our world
Contemporary Fantasy: Sets the mundane (the world we recognize) of the present day in the opposition
to the fantasy premise, the mundane everyday of everyday life is put into contrast against the fantastic;
set in the current age and when the fantastic appears, its a radical rapture of the normal and here is
when some horror elements come in; doesnt have to be set in the city
-A dichotomy of values is established and in the course of the story the attempt is generally made
to reconcile the mundane and the marvellous experienced through characters; the character can
remain troubled because its not easy to follow this certain world wherever they are taken e.g.
Sara is dragged into an adventure she didn’t anticipate and she’s the main one who we follow
and its not easy for her
Urban Fantasy: stories in which fantasy and the mundane world intersect and interweave throughout a
tale which is significantly about a real city; main difference is that the setting in the CITY
-The specificity of urban geography architecture and culture is important; the city itself is both
setting and in some measure, character and its particular features ad dramas are highlighted in
this fantasy mode; set in a place/city thats recognizable and this creates a different sense of the
fantastic and the narrative, it shapes the story in different ways just by virtue of the different
Crosshatch: The intermixing of reality b/w the mundane (the world we recognize) world and the
marvellous world. The sites where these worlds overlap and locations of a particular power and potential;
E.g the Tamson house is the epicentre of crosshatch power
- Invites transformations, quests, dislocations and disruptions of normalcy and expectation = where
the crosshatch takes place, that will be where all the weird shit happens
Intrusion Fantasy: works with the assumption that normality is organized and the intrusion of the
fantastic is disruptive to that sense of order. Characters tend to be disoriented or frightened by the
intrusion and seek a reestablishment of “the normale.g a werewolf comes in and kills everyone in the
real world, thats an intrusion on our sense of normalcy; the disruption of normalcy and the disruption of
our expectations; often times we cannot re-establish normalcy when this happens, often very frightening
to the reader and character.
How does marvellous operate differently in this novel and the other urban fantasies with which you might
be familiar?
- In Moonheart, the magic is more secretive, the language is different e.g. lord lifting Jesus! In the spirit
world, we get more of the elevated speech, the magic is very public e.g. window breaking and he burnt
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