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ENG250Y1 Lecture Notes - Incest, Fireplace Mantel, Compson Family

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Alan Ackerman

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February 2nd
The Sound and the Fury
Reconstructing memories, grappling (in benjys class, often literally) with the past
oQuentins mind neurotically returns over and over again to thoughts of trauma
oHow characters remember differently
oHow characters narrate differently
Each has their own style, each style represents different ways of
Quentins suicide
oDiving into something reflective (indicative of his narcissism)
oSomething fluid (reflective of his concepts of time?)
Faulkner; we cant live with memory (remembering everything) cant live without
(remembering nothing)
oHave to organize consciousness in the present; Quentins problem is that he
When the shadow of the sashall your breath trying to conquer it. pg 76
oFuture tense
oCompson family once ruled Mississippi; now the head of the family is Jason, a
loser, a reducto absurdum
Family itself has decayed; kind of social microcosm, standing for
the South, the United States of America; a book about degeneration
oHow is a watch a mausoleum of all hope and desire?
All your hopes and desires are dead and burned
oHow does Quentin come in and out of time?
oTime is a mansion in which all these other abstractions can exist
The South itself is feeling trapped, lost after the failure of the Civil War
oSouthern conceit of a mausoleum
Just after pg 76, Quentin breaks watch
oHow does this relate to Gatsbys almost-breaking of mantelpiece clock?
Ticking brings Quentin back to the present; Gatsby’s clock doesnt tick,
leaves him stuck in the past
Quentin is incapable of taking action
oTerrible fighter; every time he picks a fight, he gets knocked out
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