Sound and the Fury

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6 Feb 2011

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February 4th
Midterm and The Sound and the Fury
The novel is about the difficulty of representation itself, as much as it is a
representation of any particular story
Modernist historiography
Once a bitch always a bitchwhen shes seventeen years old? pg 180
Enough moaning! I just want to know what the fucks going on! - Ackerman
Reader gets angry tells a story in a way you cant get your head around
Its a form of writing thats very self conscious of its way of telling a story
Jasons narration is more complicated than it appears misplaced pronouns,
somethings not quite clear
oInterior monologue remembering or imagining?
oStrong, forceful voice that explodes off the page
Jason is juxtaposed against Quentin
Jason has a paranoid, obsessive mentality
oExerts mental energy to defend himself against imagined accusations of
suffering from the same failings his family does
Well, I can stand a lot; if I couldnt damI expected it all the time the whole familys
crazy. pg 232
Quentin shows intellectual effort to engage with his world
Jason s narrative, on the other hand, is marked with clics and aphorisms, and at
times flat out contradictive
Its your grandchildwe went downstairs pg 196
If he castrated himself, sex would be like a language he didnt know pg 116
If what had happened to him for fooling with open gateswhat that was I says, ask
Dilsey to tell you. pg 253
Oftentimes, Jason is the object of his own scorn
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