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A Lost Lady

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Alan Ackerman

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Lecture January 10
1922 many people regard as important year, signalling in modernism
oNew cultural and historical moment that we are shifting to
How do we connect the central female characters of 1st semester to Mary Anne Forester?
oMrs. Forrester is continually associated with types of flowers
oDescriptions of beauty and elegance for all female characters
oTheir relationship with their sexuality; oppressed, wrong
oSense of a fallen woman
oChanging place for women in society
Relationship w/ the Great Gatsby
oHeavily influenced Fitzgerald
oBoth authors from the mid-west
oExamines the role of the frontier in American literature
Existence, or non-existence, of the frontier is definitive for modern and post-modern
The frontier affects the individual as well, transforming him from a European to an
American. Indeed, it seems to be a rite of passage, a coming-of-age event.
The frontier created a composite identity for the American people; it lessened
dependence on England and France, and it brought the country together democratically.
Turner repeatedly critiques the industrialization of the farmland and the death of the
Just as our authors are interested in defining the frontier (last 19th century), the US
census and other official sources say there is no frontier anymore
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