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The Collected Works of Billy the Kid - Lecture 1 This is the lecture that was taught about the Collected Works of Billy the Kid. It occurred on January 25, 2011.

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Robert Mc Gill

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The Collected Works of Billy the Kid
January 25, 2011
Poetry book and biography like suzannah moodie
Border blur no clear distinctions of opposed subjects
o Try to be on the side of the characters where their borders are blurred
Governor Generals Award
The 1960s: US Violence and Canadian Nationalism
Decade of great violence
Assassinations of martin luther king and kennedy
Story about young man caught in violence with the state men being drafted into
the war
Canada became a peacekeeping nation in 1950s
o Canada decided to stay out of the Vietnam war
Increased nationalism in Canada because of new flag and 100 years of
The Collected Works as Canadian Literature
Page 1: The Making of History
What happens to history in a historiagraphical novel
o Photographer in motion and trying to record things
o Priority of collecting “specimens”
Frame without a photograph photograph not there
o Calls attention to the readers viewpoint
o Self reflexive books own attempts to capture billy
o Broader point of representation of people cannot fully capture someone
o Reader active in interpreting and imagining
Reader brings to a book a certain viewpoint
o Focusing on absence and incompletion
o Technology trying to capture the body in motion and camera attempts to
arrest the body
Capturing images “in the line of fire” – book going to be about
shooting with a gun relationship between gun and a camera
How is a camera related to a gun?
Billy always in constant motion
o Camera misrepresents him by claiming they can
hold him still
“Works” and “make” keeps being displayed
labour involved in creating a record unlike a camera
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