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Lecture 2
Literature is an art of cultural persuasion
Its a type of verbal persuasion, what would literature try to convince us of? Nation
It is through cultural persuasion that nations come into being as imagined communities
The national life is unjust, even monstrous( the story of the nation is communuality, it will leave out
individuals are particular communitys within the nation
Literature is compromised by its immersion in ideology
Ideology= a set if ideas that shape ones world-view, making that view seem natural and corre ct I.e.
Literature has the potential to critique ideology
In this course we will talk about texts that make and un make the nation
We will also read texts t hat leave out members of the nation
Also text s that want to refor m the stories that have been told
Green grass r unning water
Literary vs. oral
There is this question of hierarchy of stor ies does it suggest a relationship between the stories
Self respectivity( the novel keeps refering t o itself)
There are certain motives in the novel( its a novel that keeps reminding us that it have motives)=why is
water so important
Thomas king
He wasn’t born in Canada
He was born in C aliforni a
Green grass is set in the 90’s which is present day when the novel was written
Indian act=research it
Post colonial literature= give a voice to the people who were slaves r indgenious
Post colonial lit= tells the stories that have been blocked or banned by imperi alism
Coloinalism is not just a point in history it’s a set of literary standards I.e. there is a language of colonialism
It sets the rules by which everyone has to live
Green grass
Coyote(native dimisension to a European creation stor y)
Nar rotor( reminds us that we are in a novel and in a book, but the role isnt clear)
The nar rator is a character who interacts with coyote
Nar rator is a character who is not in control of the story
Underminding of whats true? There r differnted types of narators
Omniscient nar rator=being stagged/undermind
Pg 16
Dr joseph(Jehovah=much like the biblical god looking at his beautiful garden)
There are puns in this novel
Hova always says its in the book
Look at pg.41
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