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ENG280 November 28 Kristen Young
Changes in literature signal changes in the world
o Hence Zizek talking about the spirit of the world in literature
What Jameson does in this article is make the change argument and describes the
postmodern with it
o He means life after World War II
o The goal is to do what Auerbach did but he uses different examples and
periods in history
As an artistic movement, postmodernism was really just a reaction to modernism
o It was doing the opposite of what the modernists did
The second key feature is that postmodernism is the erosion of the distinction
between high culture and popular culture
o It was originally meant for the elite and not for everyone, there was clear
distinction between their culture and the things that were mass consumed
o Postmodernism takes away this boundary and makes everything in the same
o High art and commercial form become one thing because this 'line' has
o There isn't a sense of imposing the past vision on the present because there is
commercialisation of it
Don't know what literary criticism is because the boundary between literature and
other disciplines has gone away with the introduction of postmodernism and so you
get something that is just referred to as 'theory'
o There is no specific discipline that it is a part of it is a merging of all of them
With commercialisation and constant reproduction there isn't really anyway that we
could continue to do literary criticism the way it was originally done because there
isn't a distinction between what discipline it should be a part of
The reason there isn't literary criticism is because there isn't really literature
anymore because we don't distinguish between philosophy, literature, sociology
Because the 'high cannon' has collapsed we can talk about anything and therefore
there is no distinction between the disciplines and therefore there is no longer any
sense of 'literary criticism'
o Its now just theory
Spells out the characteristic 'moves' of postmodernism
The reason that you can parody things from the modernist era is because they are
easily recognizable
o Parody depends upon a unique style, it has a 'secret love' of the thing that it's
making fun of
Pastiche represents a change
o There is no longer anything that is considered 'normal' because everything in
and of itself is unique
o Diversity is what is being celebrated instead of imposing norms on everyone
o Makes it impossible to make a parody because there is nothing 'normal' to
make fun of
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