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ENG287H1 Lecture Notes - Text Encoding Initiative, Wireless Telegraphy, Free Indirect Speech

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Adam Hammond

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Digital Text October 17th, 2012 (“Our Class Project!”)
- Today he dimmed he lights; very romantic.
- Next week is a crucial class. You will learn how to code for the assignment, complicated stuff, don’t
miss it! (Oh god please make a note for me.) While this class is just the background on the project, next
week will actually be an explanation on what will be doing and how.
What makes ‘To the Lighthouse so difficult?...
- Well, it’s definitely not it’s vocabulary density. Remember when we learned about Type/Token
ratio? It was way on the low end of the scale!
Let’s try to figure out what it is about this book that’s apparently so boring and lame:
- (He read us Chapter 5 of the book, here’s a basic summary) Mrs. Ramsey is measuring her sons leg to
make a stocking. Every year or so she brings gifts to the lighthouse man. She is making a stocking for the
lighthouse mans son, who is about the size of her son. Her son is excited to go to the lighthouse, the
father says he can’t go, so he gets fidgety and upset. She tries measuring his leg, he fidgets, she tells him
to stop, she tries to measure again, he fidgets, she tells him to stop again. She looks at her measurement
and sees that it was too short because he was fidgeting.
- Very little seems to happen in this scene. It’s the longest chapter and yet very little seems to happen.
- The sentences are very very long. Periods seem to rarely come.
- The ‘thinking’ phases of the book seem to switch without warning. It’s hard to tell whose head you’re
inside all of a sudden because there’s no obvious transitions.
- Overall: Confusing and slow paced.
Mimesis: The Representation of Reality in Western Literature By: Erich Auerbach
Chapter 20: The Brown Stocking
- This books 20th chapter starts by quoting the entirety of the fifth chapter of ‘To the Lighthouse’! The
title “The Brown Stocking” is also where the title of our class project comes from! ;)
- Book talks about how this chapter of ‘To the Lighthouse’ is super confusing and leaves a lot of
questions to be asked. “No one is sure of anything here. It’s all mere supposition, glances cast by one
person upon another whose enigma he cannot solve.
- “The writer as a narrator of objective facts has vanished; almost everything stated appears by way of
reflection in the consciousnesses of the characters.
- This technique is called the “multipersonal representation of consciousness”.
- This is all basically emerging modernism in literature.
The Dialogic Imagination: Four Essays by M.M. Bakhtin
- Bakhtin had not heard of Woolf, and Woolf definitely hadn’t heard of Bakhtin, yet they had the same
- He talks about how truth comes out when many different single voices collide together. Letting voices
speak without simplifying or parodying them will bring about the truth if you just pay attention.
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