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ENG287 February 27 - TEI

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Adam Hammond

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ENG287 February 27th, 2013 Instructor A. Hammond
Tagging To the Lighthouse with TEI
Tagging = taking data and describing other data
o Metadata is what is used to display/classify the data
o Elements are metadata
TEI isn't the same as HTML because the latter is about displaying information
o It tells web browsers how things are supposed to look
TEI classifies and stores information about text, it's not about displaying the information its
about being able to analyse the data
o You can translate TEI into HTML but that's not it's main purpose
o TEI is basically to tell computers what humans know inherently about texts
Sample text:
o Quotations have 2 purposes
Indicate direct discourse
Indicate emphasis
o Italics have 2 purposes
Indicate titles
Indicate foreign language
o <p> = paragraphs
o <em> = italics
o <persName> = person's name
o <said> = external speech
o <soCalled> = emphasis
o <bibl> = bibliographic information
o <title> = title
Tags can have attributes that further describe the data, and the attributes have values
o For example a foreign language can be an attribute and the specific language is the
Slide 39/40 for basic TEI file structure
For our project we're only using the tags <said> and <clue>
o <said> = character's words are being recorded by the narrator or another character
Every time it's used need to specify whether the original phrase was spoken
aloud vs. thought silently and specify the type of discourse
Attributes: order doesn't matter
<aloud> - true, false
<discourse> - direct, indirect, free
<who> - character identity, include #
o <clue> = indicates what lets the reader know that the discourse is free indirect
o Specify characters by using identifiers that's in the <back> of the TEI file
o Don't remove anything that’s in the actual text of the novel (ie. Quotation marks)
even if it's redundant
o Not tagging says it's the narrator
When submitting, you can submit multiple times the most recent one is kept the others are
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