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ENG287H1 Lecture Notes - Technological Determinism

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Adam Hammond

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ENG287 March 27th, 2013 Instructor A. Hammond
Born-Digital Fiction: the (Indie) Video Game
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
Indie games are about expression
S&S is inspired by Conan the barbarian and Carl Jung's red book
Throwing the player into the game, no tutorial is a feature of the indie game. Provides a
link to literature because it also throws you into the story.
Prose style incorporates first person plural to incorporate the narrator, the avatar and the
player. Both the player and the character. Old setting, contemporary prose. Overly aware
of itself.
Music is key, score was created before the game
o Adds to gameplay
Low res graphics make the player do more. Fewer details means the player fills in the
Procedural rhetoric - distinguishes video games from other art forms. Sets a series of if,
then statements which set procedures. Art of persuasion through rule-based
representations and interactions rather than the spoken word, writing, images or moving
pictures. Convince you of things by making you act out the procedures.
Technological determinism
Created the game to create mental balance between right and left brain
Create an reading experience that isn't linear but is interactive and required reflection
Make the game with the mentality that the single game will change society. Modernism
realised in the indie game movement.
Exam - 2 hours
Part a - short answer worth 20. 2 questions. No choice. Based on first assignment.
part b - essay worth 20. Answer 1. Relate 2 texts/resources/tools/examples. Based on second
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