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ENG303H1 Lecture Notes - Geoffrey Chaucer, Hubris, Throat Lozenge

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On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity
Birth poem + first major poem in career
Iambic pentameter but opens with troche
Evoking certain morning of certain month rather than give specific
Bringing to present
Salvation and sacrifice, redemption ongoing, always happening
“darksome House of mortal Clay”
Christ becoming flesh and giving up Courts of everlasting Day
Eurania Heavenly Muse
Self conscious of own words being worthy of describing Christ
“This” – December 25, Christmas, nativity creating eternity, the poem itself
creating “here”
collapsing of past and present
seeing self transported back to Bethlehem
“This” – star, division between BC and AD, between 3 wisemen and Milton
Milton beating the wisemen to the chase to Jesus
Being “first,” singled out and best, but joining the choir
Desire to be elevated but conscious of self
Inversion in last line, hallowed fire reference to Isaiah, coal to exalt
Tension between hubris and humility
Speaking words of God
Addressing Muse still, Godly voice being channeled through im
Ode: elevating poem to mortal man vs Hymn: to God
Both to human and divine Jesus
Drawing out last lines in each stanza for ode
Chaucer and Spenser style, complex
Hymn: new, complicated form, showing off
Nodding to artistic origins AND proving himself, besting them
Nativity scene of Milton between him and Jesus… no Mary/Joseph, etc for almost all