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ENG303H1 Lecture Notes - Angel Wings, Turnus, Proserpina

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Book 9
Lamenting, change in tone to tragic
Subject matter different, foul distrust and breach disloyal on part of man
Sad task but argument more heroic
11That brought into this World a world of woe,
12Sinne and her shadow Death, and Miserie
13Deaths Harbinger: Sad task, yet argument
14Not less but more Heroic then the wrauth
15Of stern Achilles on his Foe pursu'd
16Thrice Fugitive about Troy Wall; or rage
17Of Turnus for Lavinia disespous'd,
18Or Neptun's ire or Juno's, that so long
19Perplex'd the Greek and Cytherea's Son;
rethinking cultural value system and rethink heroism of physical strength but heroic
martyrdom, individual personal struggle
32Of Patience and Heroic Martyrdom
final invocation of muse, most difficult part of poem and culmination of story
worried it might not be just his story anymore, product of imagination rather than
gift given from holy muse
46Deprest, and much they may, if all be mine,
47Not Hers who brings it nightly to my Ear.
If origins of poem not from Muse but from him, starts to look aspirational
116Of Hill, and Vallie, Rivers, Woods and Plaines,
117Now Land, now Sea, and Shores with Forrest crownd,
118Rocks, Dens, and Caves; but I in none of these
119Find place or refuge; and the more I see
120Pleasures about me, so much more I feel
Satan how he could have enjoyed garden, ironic difference from Adam who takes
Desire for revenge on God 155Subjected to his service Angel wings,
156And flaming Ministers to watch and tend
157Thir earthy Charge: Of these the vigilance
158I dread, and to elude, thus wrapt in mist
159Of midnight vapor glide obscure, and prie
160In every Bush and Brake, where hap may finde
161The Serpent sleeping, in whose mazie foulds

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162To hide me, and the dark intent I bring.
163O foul descent! that I who erst contended
164With Gods to sit the highest, am now constraind
165Into a Beast, and mixt with bestial slime,
166This essence to incarnate and imbrute,
167That to the hight of Deitie aspir'd;
168But what will not Ambition and Revenge
169Descend to? who aspires must down as low
170As high he soard, obnoxious first or last
171To basest things. Revenge, at first though sweet,
172Bitter ere long back on it self recoiles;
173Let it; I reck not, so it light well aim'd,
174Since higher I fall short, on him who next
175Provokes my envie, this new Favorite
176Of Heav'n, this Man of Clay, Son of despite,
177Whom us the more to spite his Maker rais'd
178From dust: spite then with spite is best repaid.
Foul descent, perverse version of incarnation
Take over serpent, serpent sleeping
205Adam, well may we labour still to dress
206This Garden, still to tend Plant, Herb and Flour,
207Our pleasant task enjoyn'd, but till more hands
208Aid us, the work under our labour grows,
209Luxurious by restraint; what we by day
210Lop overgrown, or prune, or prop, or bind,
211One night or two with wanton growth derides
212Tending to wilde. Thou therefore now advise
213Or hear what to my minde first thoughts present,
214Let us divide our labours, thou where choice
215Leads thee, or where most needs, whether to wind
216The Woodbine round this Arbour, or direct
217The clasping Ivie where to climb, while I
218In yonder Spring of Roses intermixt
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