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ENG305H1 Lecture Notes - Classical Antiquity, Physical Abuse

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Jennifer Harris

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Lecture 2 9/12/2012 10:12:00 AM
Description of the Morning
Servant girl flying up steps to hide sleeping with her master
Another servant cleaning
Scattered motion of atomized individual into movement into gradual
Grammatical change from past tense to immediate space
Town eclogues, urban life, social ideals of classical antiquity, how far
modernity has fallen
Describe things exactly as they happen
Real life
Celebrating abundance
Virgil’s Eclogues
Dreamy, flower, escapist, abundance
Pastorals giving beauty to mundane life
Element of celebration
Beginning to understand time, leading to nowhere and nothing
Christian idea of can’t be perfect but can keep busy
Prostitution, market, coffeehouses in Covenant Garden
Periodical papers in coffeehouses
Hogart’s painting of Morning poem
Coffeehouse, brawl, men fondling women (privilege of upper class to
lower class women), beggars with fire, boys looking on in silence, posh
upper class woman and boy servant going to church
Disorganized, dark, hierarchical system of society
Swift believing people are growing worse, consuming modern foods and
wearing body down, modern consumer culture… moralistic
Description of City Shower
Striking senses with offensive smells… poem as sewers
Ending with disgusting things in sewers… dead cats, fish, butcher’s
Like woman striking linen through the air from laundry (rain), poem
strikes at reader
Line of careless housewife sprinkling water on face with mop will collect
recollections and laughs from listeners/readers… unite on funny
experience and annoyances
Swift as abusive to readers… like walking with someone who’s arguing
with you but pretending not to
Subtle abuse and tension between Swift and readers
Physical abuse, moral trajectory… corrected in someway because striking
Georgic poem instruction poem, set in countryside, give instructions on
how to plant and harvest, how to know when it’s going to rain…
Friendly element of life… even annoyances are pleasant, living good life
Experience of looking at world outside of coffeehouse and believing share
reality, reassure that even though world in flux and changing, there is
concrete reality that’s shared
Regardless of politics (trying to protect wigs), everyone’s affected by
rain… shutting people up with physical punishment
Moment where rain is forcing everyone together, nature correcting
artificial and frivolous disagreements
Listening to poem silence, unity, verses and rhetoric… recital with
rhyme and emotion, stop and listen
Rain purifying effect although dirty
The Great Flood reference
Journey of sewage same as journey prisoners take from jail to hanging
people follow and watch (washing away filth)
Everything from different place blends
Swift cared about social welfare, donated…
There are people in need vs people running from rain to protect wigs
Reference to Virgil has deflating effect… in terms of epic, mocking, talking
about something stupid in grand way
9/12/2012 10:12:00 AM