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Lecture 13

ENG328Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Social Darwinism, E-Book, Narration

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Greig Henderson

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Description of Verloc's murder
Thinks he's off the hook
Devours his supper
Striking is his lack of empathy
Cannot see the value of Stevie in Winnie's eyes
Not designed to incite sympathy
Almost scientific
Repetition of leisurely
The idea that he could dash around the table is improbable
Doesn’t protest
Robust anarchist (Ossipon) isn't so robust once he discovers Verloc's body
Women are paradigms of self sacrifice by contrast
Stevie is the idiot scapegoat who brings the morality into focus
Raw material for a cannibal feast
Literally torn to pieces
Pollution, purification and expiation
Act, suffering, knowledge
Characteristic error in the act
Then some things suffer
And then at the end there is usually some recognition
Catharsis works to purify
Heat loses his appetite is all
No purification or recognition
Stevie is the demented Christ figure for the human race
Innocent but pitiless rage
The secret agent is the potential for violence in all of us
Psychological identification in the doubling
No recognition
The assistant commissioner doesn’t recognise anything of himself in
the commissioner
Real and secret danger lurking in feminine compassion
Question of the other who just might be up
Psychological complexity absent in this novel
Perfect anarchist, professor, talks about the writings of the apostle
Neo-Nietzschian, Social Darwinist writing (see notes on ebook)
Newspaper account of Winnie's suicide
Conrad seems prone to nihilistic despair
At a low-point
Control or punishment of this nihilistic impulse is usually at the end of
Marlow's worldview is a better defence against nihilism than an omniscient
A lack of adjectives are a better defence against nihilistic despair than
an abundance
Bericksome - laughter of the new age
Humanistic sympathy and scientific detachment
"Soft kind of rock"
Obsession with obesity is comic
So many overweight characters
Intent on burdening his characters with a comic encumbrance
Grotesque allusions to eating
Descriptions of cannibalisms
Soul is overwhelmed by the embarrassing claims of the body
No one is morally engaged with anything
Heat is not engaged by Stevie's fragmentation
Calls attention Heat's physical being when it is the moral being we need
to see
Comically attacks the modern clockwork mechanistic thinking of the
professional world
Objective/scientific time vs. subjective time
Clock movements vs. the movement of memories
Extensive exteriority vs interiority
Felt duration - intensity of feeling is more important
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