ENG349 Bishop

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26 Sep 2011

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Elizabeth Bishop
confessions of school
politics of the eye
poetics instructive in thinking of instability of eye in poetry
self and place
mapping of self and troubled location of self
in ways not readily apparent, topics of gender
one of most acute observers, chatty diction, not flowery, colloquial yet precise
interested in “things”
inventor, imagination enters space and takes stock
known for friendship with famous confessional poets but disavows
relationships/identification with school of poetry
Elliot’s impersonal theory of art, extinction of personality, kind of removal
neither confessional or impersonal, complicates boundaries
question of liminal
from East Coast prestige side of poetry... yet grandparents from Nova Scotia
importance of place (vs displacement)
poetics existing between personal and impersonal, Canada and US, exteriority and
fell in love with woman who took care of her
certain place in traditional women’s poetry (Dickinson, Bishop, Plath)
lack of work about her queerness, not labeled as lesbian poet
seen as poet’s poet
dispassionately observing self in relation to Plath’s passionate, mental...
godmother of intellectual poetics
anxiety, distancing self from confessional poets because of gendered way of reading
women poets as more easily sentimental, romantic...
anxiety about how she is read impacts choices in tone
diction & tone
word choices, connotations, style & vocabulary, nature
every poet speaks in own language (therefore read range of same poet’s poems)
even silence counts, layeredness of each word + keywords
reader as co-creator of meaning
poetry and relationship between poet and speaker and reader
The Map (17)
ars poetica
connecting force, relationships, implication of what’s between two lines
shadows and shallows
rigid scheme: middle stanza only one without rhyme scheme
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