Anne of Green Gables 1

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3 Dec 2010
Week of 21st Sept 2010
Anne of Green Gables
19thC values, but also 20thC values-point of transition, particularly in politics and feminist traditions.
- Gender: seems to support idea of new woman, first way feminist woman, especially in the way Anne is portrayed,
as a rebellious figure. Avonlea seems to be a matriarchal figure, offering rebellious figure in Anne, but also
reinforcing gender boundaries.
- Coming-of-age novel
- Sexuality and gender roles often go hand in hand. To be a good girl, one had to be heterosexual. However, critics
have seen homoeroticism explored through Anne and Diana, but the novel ultimately dismisses it. Reinforcement of
heterosexuality is inevitable b/c of the times.
- Depiction of Canada as a nation continuously associated w/ England, as integral to the definition of identity.
Motherhood in the novel closely associated w/ empire-building. Anne is continuously domesticated throughout the
novel. To be a mother was to be a good citizen of the empire. However, the novel also (}P}µvv[
- The novel has a huge international appeal; what does this mean for the Canadian identity?
A) Autobiography
Born in P.E.I. in 1784, her mother died when she was 21 months old, and her father left, leaving her a pseudo-orphan.
She was raised by her maternal grandparents in a strict manner. Obtained her teaching certificate, taught for several
years, then went back to take care of her grandmother. She married to pursue her ambitions, on the basis of mutual
respect and shared interests. Her husband was thought to have suffered from bipolar disorder, and she was prone to
manifested in this novel, and inspired this work.
Atwood: this novel offers her what her life lacks. She denies the work as being autobiographical, but cannot deny the
link to her own life. Distinct sense that she grew up unloved, and a burden to her grandparents. She found refuge in
books and nature. Both are sensitive and intelligent, but alienated and outcast. Anne more a metaphor for
Montgomery, rather than a description.
B) Sentimental Fiction: Sentimental novel emphasized the tearful distresses of the heroines; some represented a
natural sensitivity to natural beauty, which also showed itself in tears.
uZ]}vo}}]v}v}Ào[uZ]}v^v]uvo]sm, an excess of emotion, particularly the tender
emotions: pathos and sympathy. Her works adhered to the romantic formula, triumph over adversity. Anne is often
reduced to tears, particularly in the face of nature. Manipulated as a reader to feel tender and warm inside. However,
which encourages crying-vv}v[Àvo]lDXWZ]oo]U}Z}}ÁÁ]]}voX
During her successful recital and academics, her sense of fulfilment comes not just from her self-achievement, but
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