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Sept 20th-LEC 4-- house made of dawn

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University of Toronto St. George
Cheryl Suzack

Sept 20 , 2012 ENG254Y- House made of Dawn cont. Pre class analysis of novel question: Q- Who is the mentoring figure for Abel, Tosamah or Ben? A- Ben is the mentoring figure for Abel. Ben provides for Abel and makes him aware of his limits (in terms of his behaviour concerning alcohol). He cares a lot for Abel and is always worried about him and what he is up to, hoping he’s not in trouble. Ben treats Abel more than a friend, but like a younger brother to look out for. Most of all, Ben understands Abel- Pg. 132 at the bottom, - when Tosamah is talking badly about Abel and ben disagrees. “He’s always going on like that, Tosamah, talking crazy and showing off, but he doesn’t understand.”… “He’s educated, and he doesn’t believe in being scared like that. But he doesn’t come from a reservation.” B- Ben continues on to pg.138 justifying Abel, “it was kind of hard for him, you know, getting used to everything.” Ben listens C- Tosamah seems to be self-righteous and always seems to be “showing off” -132- at times he enables Abel to get angry and irritated. He is always talking and never listening to anyone but his own voice. He doesn’t listen to able or the other boys and their problems, and giving them the advice and comfort they would need. D- It’s Francisco- both are not that good mentors. Ben is unsure of his own capability and of how he should control and tam Abel. Francisco hands to able the capacity to pass as a member of the community – memory, ceremony and knowledge.  Key themes- 1. Journey and emergence (return) - the path that one takes when living in the life. The land without the people is meaningless. Abel is still able to come back to the community.  The highway is the mark of the new- changes taking place in the community that is slowly seeping into the community.  In Abel’s return, we see his alcoholism as a sign of illness. The desire of alcohol is a sign of imbalance and sickness.  The early encounter of memories present 2 moments of his return. For some reason, Abel is a
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